Instructions for Use

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I.   Main Functions: Upload As Many Files as You Can to Your Home Page, to Start.



            A. Daily Class Notes: copy and paste from everyone's to your own to archive and study.


            Summary: Everyone puts their Class Notes, hand-written and taken a picture of, or typed on their laptop, into the Sharing Folder, (lower left).  Then everyone opens up each other's doc from inside that folder, and using the Split Screen button (middle left) with their text and pics on the left hand side you can look at and write up, or copy and paste over to the right info that you didn't get.  Learn as you write it, and don't miss anything from class, as you discuss it.  


            Math and formulas can be uploaded from a pic of it with your smartphone, or a scan of a pic with a personal bar scanner or printer / scanner at your desk.



            B. Homework: work with six minds to figure out and do what was meant for one.


            Summary: Put a file in the Sharing Folder (lower left).   Open a Split Screen (middle left button) and look at others' files.  Discuss, looking at theirs on the left, and you write something new on the right to explain the problem.  Or, write a formula out on a piece of white paper and take a picture of it, and upload, and think and write or draw and upload your solution.  Then start a Sharing Screen (upper right) with one person's doc or pic of a formula in the group that you want to use as the solution, and all learn while you take turns writing the solution on the right hand side of the page, in the Sharing Screen, until you have solved the problem.  Save and archive as the answer in folder on the Home page.  Then, write out your own answer on the site, save, and print out, or for formulas off the site to hand in in class, such as for math.


            C. Flashcards: work with two sizes, one for vocabulary, one to take pictures and upload for math formulas, or pictures you take and upload of things in the book like for Anatomy class.


            Intuitive, five-card-at-a-time, out-of-your-stack-of-terms learning.


            The group can guide one person to record the flashcards verbally telling them the terms and answers, and then they can share all of the cards by putting a folder of them into the Sharing Folder, that all of the group members can study.  Or, people can each do part of the total list, and share with the Flashcards Sharing Folder to then study, people doing it and saving to folders saying Anatomy Terms 1-15, 15-30, etc.  Click each folder to study the terms within and save time.


            D. Making a Study Guide for the Test or Final: copy and paste from any of your files.


            Find the information in your organized Homework and Class Notes or Class Pics files in folders you made and saved on the left.   Then make a Split Screen and copy text and pics to the right.  Print out and study.  You now saved time compiling the exact things to study so you have more time to study it.


            Sleep well the night before the test, and go to take the test stress-free.  Save all of your Study Guides in a folder for the Final Exam.



            II. More Easy Features That Work



            A. Remote Use: log on anywhere with wifi or your mobile hot spot.


            Meet with your group from anywhere you can get an internet connection.  Simply talk out loud like before, on your phone, and use the site as the same.   Your Sharing Folders and Sharing Screen allow you to send and receive information just as the same, that you can put on your screen and talk about.  You can also use other group members anytime with the Tutor Sharing Folder and Tutor Sharing Screen.  Collaborate, and talk with a conference call, or have one member call the Tutor member, get the information and then conference call with the rest of the group about it and teach the answer.  Thus, all groups can work together rapidly to get the work done.  Now you can rest at night, or go play longer on the court or field.


            B. Tutor Groups: if your group is stumped, ask someone from another group.


            Invite others you trust from other Explain Learning groups in your class, other section, or other school to teach you about things that your group doesn't know.  They can work in one person, or multiple-person teleprompts in the Sharing Screen.  Simply invite them from the Groups Management page to join your group as a Tutor, and then they can send and receive information from you in your group.   Click the person's name in the Sharing Screen menu check box.  Speak over your phone.  Landline, at home, or smartphone, anywhere.  Save and file the problem solved.


            C. English Essays / Dissertations / Term Papers: learn to write them with friends, or Tutor, and excel, even when school help offered is minimal.


            1. Sit at your desk at home and upload your long multi-page essay into the site with your scanner / printer into a PDF.

            2. Put your essay PDF into the Sharing Screen (upper right). Check who you want to see it by checking their name.

            3. They look at it on the left of the screen, talking with you about it, and you control the typing of your document your list of notes when they advise you.

            4. Save the notes, and rewrite the paper, then upload it to them again.

            5. They can print out your new version, and mark the essay in pen with correctional marks, and scan it in again to send to you.  Now in the Sharing Screen (upper right), they control the typing, to teach you about what they did.  What they wrote to share with you their edits.  Save their comments and edits for the next version of your paper.  “English Term Paper ver. 2 Notes”

            6. Now you can get their edited paper, and re-write yours based on the correctional marks and their notes now in a folder on the Home page.

            7. This could also come from a group of peers.   Just select more people to see it in the Sharing Screen check box.  Then you can write and get written up more comments from other people.

            8.Your next re-write will be better, and you can scan it in, and begin again.  Do this again and again until the final draft.  Your paper will be better than ever, you will gain motivation and learn how to write, and you will get it all done in a better fashion in less time.

            9. After you have learned to do this, and have experience, work on other people's papers as well and apply what you've learned.   Then everyone learns how to do it, and can get excellent papers done.  Take this knowledge with you to college or graduate school.


            D. Foreign Language Study: Ace the class and keep the data forever.  Learn the vocabulary and verbs, practice writing it, do your homework with others in a group to stay on top of it and learn, ask and share with other groups in class, and never get behind.  Get fluent by speaking out loud the language daily and learning it with your friends.   On your time after class.  In person, or remotely at your desk at home.  Use your phone and read what's on the screen together in a group until you all have the accents, the vocab, the verbs and grammar right.  In a group.   You will all be needed, as you can learn much better with everyone than one alone.  Hear it, and see it as you learn and do your class notes, homework, and vocabulary.  Use the speakerphone on your landline or phone.


            E. Saving Your Work: Refer back to your work any time in your future career and learn it again to stay proficient in your field.


            1. You can save your work by going to the top right of the screen and clicking on your image and name.

            2. Then, click on the Subscription title.

            3. Then click Export All Data.

            4. You can put all of your files, now .zip files, on to a flash drive, or any other drive like your hard drive.


            F. Making a Record of Your School Friends: Every class is a chance to make more friends.  Work with them again on the site on a particular subject in the future.


            1. Click on the blue “person” icon.

            2. Input all of the data about people in your group.

            3. This is saved with the export data from the site when your class is over.



            Conclusion:  Form groups and benefit now and forever with all your data saved:


            -never get stuck or need help which takes more time

            -never feel depressed, lonely, or overwhelmed again

            -never get bored or unmotivated

            -do your homework together to have each others' back and get it done

            -learn more, learn how to learn, have fun learning

            -remain clear, process it better: slow and consistent

            -learn people skills, thinking out loud

            -learn group management, leadership, teamwork

            -learn to break the work up, so it goes faster

            -think as a group: many minds are better than one

            -daisy-chain groups

            -get organized, and save your own data when it's over

            -beat stress and test anxiety with daily group structure and support; do better on tests

            -have more time for other things, like sports, or sleep

            -make learning fun and routine, with new friends every class, and save all of their contact information

            -learn languages, talking out loud in your group to practice and learn it faster, and have more retention

            -wake up in the morning happy and in control of the work before you go to school-knowing already who your friends are, and what you are going to do that day

            -learn how to write and never get bogged down with Term Papers, Essays, and Dissertations

            -have something to do wherever you go

            -social network with friends- able to meet in person, and work with a real goal to attain  every day

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